Airplane Purchases – whether it is your first or fifteenth; buying or selling – can be a daunting and frustrating exercise.  Assigning value, managing the pre-buy, researching title, obtaining insurance, securing deposits, establishing escrow if needed, completing Bills of Sale and Registration Applications are just a few of the tasks surrounding each deal.  Put Sporty’s Eastern Cincinnati Aviation’s years of experience in aircraft acquisition and sales to work for you taking the hassle out of your next transaction.


We Are Your Source for the New Legend Cub LSA

Sporty’s Eastern Cincinnati Aviation is now your authorized dealer for American Legend Cubs, the most coveted – and fun – Light Sport Aircraft available.  All Legend Cub aircraft are made in America with several improvements from the original.  The cabin is wider and more comfortable.  Getting in and out is easier with the clam shell doors on both sides.  Both doors and side windows can be opened in flight to enhance the flight experience allowing the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside into the cockpit.  One of the most revered aircraft designs is improved even farther with the Legend Cub’s electrical system providing for a starter and alternator to power many avionics options and even lights for safety and night flight.  Styling options include the Open Cowl AL3C-100 or the Closed Cowl AL11C-100.  Both feature the proven Continental O-200-D 100 HP engine and are available on straight or amphibious floats.

Need more speed or short field performance?  The new Super Legend AL18 outfitted with Lycoming’s multi-fuel YO-233 115 HP engine provides the same power to weight ratio as a 150 HP Super Cub like the ones you may have seen from the famous Valdez short take off and landing competitions. Numerous options are available to fully customize this workhorse for your unique needs including the new ergonomic body conforming adjustable front seat, toe brakes and extended baggage compartment.  This aircraft is sure to delight both recreational and serious back country flyers.


Pre-Owned Aircraft

Eastern Cincinnati Aviation represents only quality pre-owned aircraft. We specialize in piston-engine aircraft, so we are able to pass on superior customer service to you as our #1 priority. Our goal at Eastern Cincinnati Aviation is to offer aircraft with the reliability, utility, and service you should expect.

The sales team at Eastern Cincinnati Aviation will work diligently to understand your requirements by finding the right aircraft, financing, insurance, and training; ensuring your new aircraft purchase will serve your personal and business transportation needs.


Interested in selling?

Are you looking to sell your existing aircraft?  Parking your plane outside the “world’s largest pilot shop” guarantees it will be noticed by many potential buyers.  Contact us at 513-735-9500 or [email protected] to find out more about our services for aircraft sellers.


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