Sporty’s ECA Aircraft Management Program

The Hassle-Free Approach to Aircraft Ownership

Pre-flight inspection

Pilots are taught to deal with parasitic and induced drag on every flight. However, some “drags” associated with aircraft ownership such as cleaning, updating databases, scheduling maintenance and hangaring aircraft can be eliminated with a new program offered for tenants of Clermont County Airport (I69). Through its aircraft management program, ECA takes care of all the time-consuming management headaches of aircraft ownership allowing the aircraft owners to focus on the business of tending to passengers and flying.

The Aircraft Management Package combines several concierge services into a comprehensive package with one monthly fee. The package includes a review of the aircraft records and the development of a maintenance schedule to ensure greater efficiencies and safety with minimal downtime.

Preflight and postflight inspections will be conducted by one of our FAA Certified mechanics every flight. Fuel and oil will be brought to desired levels and the windshield cleaned. Upon return to the airport, our line crew will hangar the aircraft, remove bugs and debris from the leading edges, clean the windshield and vacuum the carpet.

Many aircraft require multiple subscriptions to keep installed equipment current and legal. An initial audit of the subscription status will also be conducted. Our staff will obtain the needed databases and upload them as necessary.

Aircraft owners will be able to communicate with ECA’s aircraft management department via a dedicated web page assigned for their use. This page will also provide the owner with the current airplane status. The management program can be customized to ensure the maximum value for each customer.

To find out more about this exciting new service from Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, call Charlie at 513.735.9100 extension 227 or email [email protected]

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